Friday, March 1, 2013

Winter Tweed Run 2013

After creating the Loinen-bike I was eager to hear the feedback about the behavior of the bike, so when we heard about the Winter Tweed Run 2013 we were on it. A perfect happening for a longer maiden-voyage.

As life usually goes,  that weekend was fully booked: a sledge-race, dining, sauna-action and a punk-gig  so when sunday morning rose I felt a bit hazy...Like almost puking-hazy.

But as promised I bit the bullet and off we went with a bit of an I-Have-Nothing-To-Wear -argument but we made it on time.The sun was shining and people looked amazing in their clothes. Although I wasn´t so tweedy, my companion had nailed it perfectly.

The Tweed Run started from pictoresque Senaatintori-square, the first pit-stop was at Cafe Regatta and final goal was at Road Weirdoes amusement-park.

 There were partisipants from St Petersburg, Tallin, and Stockholm.
Here´s a  St Petersburg TweedRun-poster. Check out their FB:


 Yours truly taking it easy

 The Loinen-bike traveling with style

  Mr.Mike Blue Eyes and Ari-Pekka Darth had a bunch of wonderful pictures, check em out here: and here:

We agreed to bike to Cafe Regatta and the feel out if we could make it to the end. After a while our strength was wearing out so it was time to head back. All in all a 30 kms trip with a kustom Monark and the Loinen-bike, so not bad at all.

 Photocredits: M.Rosenstrm aka Mr.Mike Blue Eyes and AP Darth

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Falun Swap Meet / On the road again

Sunday morning was a bit hazy for some. After a sturdy breakfast we greeted our host and headed down to the highway. As we had all the time in the world we stopped to see the sights, garage sales, cars for sale and of course our friends Bengt and Roger.

We didn´t get far when it was time for the first drooling-stop. This über cool DKW-Schnell-Laster lurked just next to our path. With loads of vw-parts, aluminium rear hatch with steel roof, it looked amazing. Check out the dash, door panels, rear bumpers... Ooh, me wants one.

The yard was also occupied by this huge Scania Vabis, which looked like it hadn´t moved since last century. The DKW was clearly a daily, though - thumbs up!

On the road

Next stop was JärUdds Bil Ab, a Yank-importer. Their yard was full of interesting vehicles, but the price-tags were a bit steep for our taste.

This ´48 COE Chevy whispered to me. Such nice curves, just like a hippo. But for 69000 sek it wasn´t a bargain.

Can you spell amalgamation?

Bengts Treasures

After JärUdds Bil it was time to meet with Bengt. He greeted us with his newly imported pritchen-barndoor, a very nice parts hauler.

Bengt had a home-garage full on nice stuff and a flea-market with his wife, of course. They had restored a nice 20´s cottage with beautiful country-yard full of nice iron sculptures.
Here´s one of his Samba Barndoors in the making. This is what I call a body-off-resto:-)
The nice cealing-lamp was not for sale even though we tried our best to convince him to part with the lamp...


What do you do when you don´t want to push your barndoor? Crank it, baby, crank it!

Bengt and his other barndoors

Plywood splitwindow?

March to the beat of a different drum, a nice drum.

Scored from Mantorp Park, Team Saabs old pit car

Roger that

After Bengts place it was time to visit TrainÜberführer Roger and his wonderful collection. Roger, as a military vehicle afficiando, has a nice bunch of war time -vehicles. Even though he tries to update them with Golf Country-parts:-)


This one had a wartime pan-exchange

I wants one, pretty please...

Not sure about the eyebrows though, but a kick-ass split anyway.

Now we shall do some machining

Roger trying to mimic some Abba-moves

Sebastians new ride pimped by Roger with Kais new treasure.

Time for some stuffing...

Country western = Golf

Swedish tunacan. Wasn´t approved by the parties.

Kai fancied a new trash can, but Sebastian had occupied our left-over space with his  Monark

While powdering my nose, I noticed a perfect candidate for dragracing. Well, what is discovered from the bushes, stays in the bushes...

Garage sale Monark. Didn´t ring any bells as we had one allready.

This baby was sold just 20 minutes before us.

While yours truly was getting toxicated, Kai noticed the time - or what was left of it. A rush. We were in a hurry -fuck. We jumped to our trusty Baguette and headed back to the main highway.

Needless to say, there was a traffic jam near Stockholm, and some navigating errors - left, left! The other left!. Someone wanted to take a leak, but our trusty driver, Sebastian kindly refused. We almost had lost our hope to get to the ferry, but Sebastian didn´t agreed. Some swift turns, a couple of wrong lane-passings later we were in the harbour. Sigh. We made it – again.