Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Treasure hunting at Falun swapmeet

It was that time of the year again.
Since mr Tolvanen aborted his mission to tag along, another hippie joined our ranks: mr Tolonen from Roadweirdoes-fame.

We didn´t get the Hi-Ace this year, so I was forced to take my shiny family-car, a 406 peugeot armed with huge skirack. Wrong move. 406 isn´t actually a lorry and as I was a bit nervous about the interior of the car, it didn´t help that every once in a while beverages turned us into human pigs... But now I now better:-)

Still we managed to pack up the 406 with our personal stuff (mainly beer) and after the swapmeet a Honda Monkey, 4 wheels, a BSA-engine, numerous lamps, a springer front end, some Okrasa-stuff, Hazet metalshaping-tools and lots of other stuff was in too.

Anyways the swapmeet was great, found a lot of treasures and the car was packed.
Here´s some photos:


After the swapmeet we navigated back to Pasis Ranch to chill&grill. Since Pasi was not present, we amused our selfs with Sebastian´s new ride, a HondaMonkey equipped with some 80´s tuning parts:-)

Yours truly tried the ditch with the Monkey, but it wasn´t deep enough to drown me.

Some of the stuff that found it´s way back to Finland

Sebastian spanking the Monkey.

Pasi´s cat was all over us.

On the road again.

On Sunday it was time to hit the road again.
We didn´t get very far when Sebastian yelled:
"STOP, a Trojan FOR SALE!!"
After a swift U-turn we were at the scene. Knocked the house-door, nobody answered so we tried the phone-number on the sign. Turned out that the seller was far away, but told us he had two more Trojans & parts and was selling "all or nothing".

After checking out the first one we navigated to the second one behind another house, yep a red one again. Sebastian was salivating but as the seller was away, only a quick examination was in order and we hit the road again. But maybe something will come out of this...

Digging the Diamond stitch doorpanels.

Herr Tolonen checking out the Red no. 2

Mats´s Secret Barn

Kai had arranged a meeting with Mats, an ultrawaganza collector of allsorts of vehicles. Here´s some photos, enjoy:

This old 92 Saab rocked my boat a lot!

As a bus-fanatic mr Tolonen was all over this Volvo.

Looks like a baby of a Tatraplan and a Porsche.

The best looking fridge-handles ever!

Elmo distributor-tester.

On the yard was something that didn´t belong there. Turned out it was Tony´s ride. It found its way to Sweden after Tony broke his bone and was unable to drive it back from Germany...

Here´s some of the stuff I scored:

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